Hargrave Technologies engineers the smallest, lightest, highest performance UAS components.

Go further, faster, more efficiently, and more consistently.

  • Specialists in the professional design and manufacturing of electronic speed controllers (ESCs), essential for driving brushless electric motors using various power sources
  • Exceptional performance and reliability
  • Global recognition in commercial and defence aerospace markets
  • Also offering cutting-edge solutions for the automotive and space industries.

At the heart of our technology is GateKEEPER.



GateKEEPER is a unified technology platform that underpins the next generation of motor controllers.

Key features include:

  • A proven motor control IP core
  • Robust performance and high reliability that Hargrave Technologies is known for on any integrated inverter
  • Bespoke controllers can now be derived from the same flight-tested platform as our COTS offerings
  • New generation of wide-bandgap technologies, supporting bridges based on Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride
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Fly further with our next-generation motor control algorithm

Hargrave Technologies' FOCAL algorithm sets a new standard for sensorless motor drive, optimised for the most demanding UAS applications. FOCAL extends the low-speed efficiency of FOC to the high-RPM performance of trapezoidal drive, with no tuning required. 

While FOC can see higher peak efficiencies in a perfectly tuned combination, this is rarely true in real-world missions. Diverse flight profiles, environmental conditions and production variations all reduce the practical efficiency of FOC.

FOCAL has been developed to bridge the gap, constantly adapting to provide industry-leading transient response and optimised efficiency and acoustic signature.

Fly further with FOCAL

We offer turn-key electrical design services, including certification, utilising uniquely developed in-house IP.

Our product lines deliver high-quality and reliability suited to defence and commercial applications. We operate on-site manufacturing facilities, including a comprehensive SMT production line, which ensures complete control over every stage of production.

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