NDAA Compliance for UAS motor controllers

NDAA-compliant motor controllers with Hargrave Technologies

Supply chain security is more important now than ever. We take this responsibility seriously at Hargrave Technologies. Every one of our products is engineered, manufactured and tested in Australia from first-class components.

We offer a version of each product compliant with the National Defense Authorization Act, which, among many other things, requires PCBs and active components, such as microcontrollers and memory, to be sourced outside of "Countries of Concern"; most relevantly for electronics, the People's Republic of China. It also requires trusted vendors throughout the supply chain and strict control of IP. We can also produce EO13981-compliant products. 

Deep vertical integration across hardware and firmware engineering, manufacturing, testing, distribution and support allows Hargrave Technologies to maintain a critical UAS propulsion capability advantage in support of Australia, the United States and their allies. 

Take confidence onboard; with our secure supply chain, you can be assured a robust, high-performance motor controller will be available for you to go further, faster, every single flight.