About Hargrave Technologies

About Hargrave Technologies

If you are looking to partner with an Australian power electronics company who manufactures the smallest, lightest, highest performance UAS parts globally, Hargrave Technologies can help you get off the ground. 


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Hargrave Technologies began life in 2015

Previously known as Advanced Power Drives, Hargrave Technologies has gone from a small group of engineers focusing on the drone market to supplying key UAS components to the largest aerospace companies in the world.

Inspired by Lawrence Hargrave, an Australian engineer, inventor, astronomer and explorer, who pioneered early aerial navigation, our main focus is to beat the forces of gravity. Yes, it’s a radical idea, but here in Australia, we are committed to the challenge - every measure is there to be beaten.

We design and manufacture motor controller solutions for sensorless brushless motors. Our ESCs operate on our proprietary firmware developed from the ground up in Australia. We have full control over hardware and software that allows us to bring greater optimisation and innovation to our products and solutions. 

Our ESC designs include sensorless brushless, sensored brushless and DC motor controllers. The ESCs support a wide range of control and telemetry protocols including PWM, DSHOT, ProShot and CANBUS.

Drone Still

In order for you to be mission accomplished, our mantra focuses on:

  • Being response ready
  • Over performing, under the radar
  • Pushing beyond the performance curve
  • Allowing customers to take confidence onboard

Our understated presence provides an assured advantage to our customers. We give you the confidence of full control, by empowering you with precision. So, you can stay focused on what’s important – completing your mission.


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